Spring Cleaning is high on the agenda of our clients.

Even if you don’t have a contract cleaning service (which we can help with), you might want to consider our 3Ways to getting the most from an office Spring Clean.

1. Reduce clutter

Research shows there is a direct correlation between productivity and clutter.

Do piles of paper, disorganisation and information mismanagement take over your workplace while efficiency and effectiveness vanish right before your eyes?

According to the National Association of Professional Organizations, paper clutter is the No. 1 problem for most businesses. Studies show the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for papers, which adds stress and frustration to the workplace while reducing concentration and creative thinking.

Quick Fix

Eliminate paper and filling systems where possible by going green and digital store it on your PC! The less clutter you have in your workplace, the less room there is for dust to build up which means that we @ 3Way will be in and out in a jiffy!


2. Spruce it up

Adding plants to your office is something that every business should want to do. The benefits can be both physical and psychological

Introducing plants to your working environment reduces stress. In a study conducted in 2010, significant reductions were recorded where plants were located in the office. Including;

•             Tension/Anxiety – 37% reduction

•             Depression/Dejection – 58% reduction

•             Anger/Hostility – 44% reduction

•             Fatigue – 38% reduction

Quick Fix

Once you have lower stress you need to maintain that and to ensure the full ‘spruce it up’ package is delivered consider giving the walls, ceiling and carpet a proper clean. A clean environment will ensure maximum productivity from staff.


3. Provide antibacterial wipes

The average desk harbours 400 times more bacteria than average toilet seat. That is a pretty scary statistic but actually it’s not only your desktop in the office that keeps bacteria. According to the study of University of Arizona germ guru Dr. Charles Gerba, phone, water fountain handle, microwave door handle and keyboard are the top five most germ-contaminated spots in office!

For the study, Gerba and his team separated office workers into two groups. One group used disinfecting wipes to clean their desks, phones and computers; the other did not. Within two days, the wipes users were found to have a 99.9 percent reduction in bacteria levels.

Quick Fix

We can give computer/telephones a thorough clean and then provide you with eco friendly wipes to ensure that bugs don’t take your workforce down!


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