In addition to general cleaning there are certain environments and activities which need periodic expertise to ensure that the cleanliness of specific environments.

3Way recognises the need and provides the expertise to make sure that your facilities comply.

Waste Management

Depending upon the business you’re in, waste management can be a minor inconvenience or alternatively a major concern.

At 3Way we discuss the impact of the way your business creates waste and we determine the right solution for you, to ensure you fulfil your responsibilities in the most cost effective way for you.

Trained to CIWM and having many resources at our disposal we can deliver the level of service which you need.

Waste Management


The cleanliness of your kitchen is paramount when serving employees or members of the public, and you’re required by law to make sure that at least minimum standards of hygiene are maintained. So how do you know that your kitchen is being kept clean to the correct standards?

When you engage with us we agree the standards of cleanliness you need to maintain up front, and then we demonstrate adherence to those standards by providing you with regular audits of our activity, to demonstrate proactively that you are running a clean establishment.

Kitchen Extractors

Kitchen extractors are a particular area where cleanliness is important, and this isn’t just an extension to having a clean kitchen. But quite often they are missed because the internals are not visible and are particularly hard to be cleaned. Apart from the fact that grease in extractor systems can harbour bacteria, it is also a fire risk which can turn a minor kitchen based fire into an inferno in minutes.

3Way specialise in putting together a program of regular cleaning to help maintain clean and safe working environment for your customers and team, ensuring that you comply to TR/19 guidelines.

Kitchen Extractors
IT Centre

IT Centre

Uptime, uptime, uptime. The three most important words when it comes to running an IT Centre.

Whether you’re providing IT simply to your own company or hosting Cloud services on behalf of many different customers, one of the most important things to get right in ensuring uptime and one of the easiest things to get wrong is cleanliness. Dust in the wrong places can impact the effectiveness of temperature control systems as well as resulting in physical damage to hardware, both of which can result in unexpected outages.

At 3Way we understand how to ensure that cleanliness is maintained while not affecting the ongoing operation of the facility

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