What’s important to you about getting the facility cleaned?

Isn’t it about creating a clean environment for your employees which is known to enhance the way they work? And creating that great first impression when customers come to call. And of course you want the confidence to know that the right methods are being used to protect the fabric of your facility.

3Way work with you to determine what your cleaning requirement is to make it work best for you and your teams, irrespective of the size and complexity of your environment, and then agree with you how the need will be provided for.

You define the standards. And then we deliver.

Huge emphasis is placed upon ensuring that we recruit the highest quality people with the right attitude, who understand that the customer’s needs are paramount.

And that includes the unenviable task of transferring from one contractor to another. We will handle the transition from your current supplier, to take away the hassle and impact of legislation during the transition.


Commercial Cleaning

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