As true pioneers of the online grocery market, Ocado has blazed a trail through an increasingly digital world, both leading and benefiting from the fast-increasing consumer shift to online shopping. At the heart of it all lies their technological know-how and unparalleled IP.

After two decades, Ocado Group is entering an exciting new chapter in its history, while staying true to the ambitions, ideals and values that have led them to such success so far:

  • To give customers the best shopping experience.
  • To enable its people to create pioneering technology.
  • Develop advanced, market-leading solutions.
  • To take the world’s leading retailers to ever greater online success.

In 2021 3Way were given the opportunity to supply a bespoke high quality, hygiene and safety conscious cleaning, waste management and pest control service solution that would improve standards, exceed expectations, constantly deliver, and continually develop.

The Challenge

To assess the specific cleaning and support service needs of Ocado Group and produce a solution to:

  • Improve and expand the service offering,
  • Develop the people/structure to provide the best solution,
  • Create an operation and environment of transparency and accountability.
  • Evolve the support team to be able to adapt and become an integral part of the Ocado team.
  • Integrate the waste, washroom, and pest management services.

The 3Way assessment process identified an immediate need to:

Unify the communication between the daily in hours support and out of hours support teams. Ineffective communication meant that each individual did not understand the importance of their role to ensure that the overall support package succeeded.

Develop effective leadership to secure a structure that ensured accountability, and overall success.

Implement a reporting and communication solution that provided efficient, effective and, more importantly, live records of support requests and evidence of completion.

Our Approach

Introducing an Account Manager, Frank Cannon, with over 10 years of excellent customer service and employee relations skills was pivotal in allowing 3Way to develop the existing team, who transferred via the 3Way TUPE process. This promoted the successful engagement of the entire team with the 3Way Management and, more importantly, Ocado Management, to provide a daily solution that continually impresses the users of each facility, works to understand the varying needs of each department, and works to a structure to ensure continual success but with the ability to adapt to ensure expectations are always surpassed.

Providing each individual with an understanding of the areas of accountability and introducing stability within the structure has encouraged our support teams to be visible, engage with the customer and truly own their areas of responsibility. The effect of implementing a stable structure is that it instinctively improves standards each and every day.

The DAVE, 3WAY developed, software and communication system integrates employee engagement, customer service, accounts, and compliance all within one environment. It allows our teams to update data instantly and works seamlessly with the M365 and Kaizala applications. This has enabled the 3Way team to communicate effectively between shift structures and between each separate facility. It allows our people to ensure that standards are exceeded, support requests are actioned and reported in the required time frames and Ocado understand and are informed at each stage.

Via Kaizala we have been able to implement timely Covid practices, improve standards and encourage communication plus improve the overall ability from all third parties to support the Ocado operation. If you would like to discover how this approach can work within your operation, please email info@3way.co.uk for additional information.

Project Specifics

Our support offerings include:

  • Establish a planned safe schedule for cleaning and aisle support.
  • Implementation of the DAVE software, supporting suite.
  • Living wage foundation compliance.
  • Improve environmental impact in all our support operational areas.
  • Develop an effective CIWM lead trained waste segregation management team.
  • Provide ROSPA certified infection control operatives.
  • Window cleaning and external fabric cleaning technicians.
  • Sort furnishings, fabric, and carpet cleaning.
  • BPCA certified pest management solution.
  • Gardening and external care operatives.

The 3Way Can Do mentality and the Never Say No approach has meant that we are now responsible for the full support at the Ocado group head office in Hertford as well as an ever-growing number of other Ocado premises.

We are looking forward to being part of the long-term support strategy within the exciting, successful, and evolving operation that is Ocado.

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