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Lazari Investments


Lazari Investments – The £4 billion property firm founded by the late Greek-Cypriot billionaire Christos Lazari includes a portfolio of West End offices, shops and hotels.

In 2017 Lazari Developments was granted planning permission for a major refurbishment to the prestigious grade II listed address 25 Berkley Square, in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

The project involved improving access, internal core rearrangements, extensive remodelling and the construction of a new roof extension and mansard to the building, new air circulation services and facilities to create an environmentally efficient, modern office which respected the 25 Berkley square surroundings and history. Lazari engaged the services of Certo London to undertake the refurbishment.

The Challenge

3Way were introduced to 25 Berkley Square in August 2019, with a view to to provide a cleaning and support proposal which would clean, enhance and preserve the premises ongoing after the redevelopment was complete.

Fast forward to 2020 when 3Way receive instruction from Certo London to provide a COVID Secure environment to enable the refurbishment to continue and enable the contractors to meet the necessary construction deadlines.

Our Approach

Certo’s forward thinking combined with the expertise provided by 3Way resulted in a pragmatic plan to identify the infection risks and hazards associated with the project, and the control methods needed to mitigate those risks. Using RoSPA qualified infection control operatives, and using best-in-class Byotrol infection control products within a planned cleaning regime, 3Way were able rapidly to initiate the key stages to help safeguard both the building and each and every individual within it, thereby reducing the impact of the COVID risk on the progress of the development.

Project Specifics

3Way in conjunction with Certos developed a plan to:

  • Establish a planned/safe approach to the exercise
  • Develop an effective and safe waste management plan.
  • Eliminate the initial bio burden by disinfecting and sanitising all potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • Undertake a full environment bio-fog using state -of-the-art Byotrol Chemspec Formula 429.
  • Implement the Byotrol daily cleaning program to ensure consistent 24 hour protection going forwards.
  • Adherence to ongoing control standards to ensure a safe environment for all.

The adoption of Covid compliance, systems and support was acknowledged and commended by the Health and Safety Executive in March and April.

The harmonious approach to the challenge between 3Way and Certos meant that the refurbishment continued uninterrupted throughout the first lock down and subsequent restrictions, together providing Safety, support and savings.

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