Finance Manager

Key Responsibilities

My main role within 3Way is to keep track of all finances and to ensure that the company is operating within specific guidelines with regards to income and costs, while still enabling 3Way to provide outstanding value for money.

I also provide adhoc reporting for customers in respect of their spending with 3Way and the services that we provide.

It is part of my role, alongside the finance director to oversee the Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger and Payroll Departments to ensure all information is recorded correctly to assist with the smooth running of the company finances and to work with the 3Way Accountant to ensure information and accounts are recorded correctly and in accordance with HMRC requirements.

The directors and I meet on a regular basis to discuss financial planning, cashflow and any improvements or changes to procedures and controls within the finance team.

How long have you worked for 3Way

I have just completed my 10-year service with 3Way after a career of over 20 years in banking and finance. I began working for 3way on a part-time contract as an invoice administrator, a completely new role for me which I thoroughly enjoyed before being asked to take over the payroll section from a staff member who was due to go on maternity leave. I was later asked to learn to Purchase ledger assistant role to stand in as holiday cover when required.

By learning these 3 roles it gave me the foundation to learn about the 3way finances and procedures from the bottom up. The fact that I don’t like to learn ‘parrot fashion’ but need to why I do things has helped me in all these roles tremendously and has given me a full working knowledge of the very basics of how 3way operate. If I don’t know something, I will go out of my way to find out how, why, and when.

After working for a big corporation for 20 years the grass really is greener on the other side. 3Way started as a family company in 1979 and every staff member that comes through the doors is treated as an addition to that family. I know that if I encountered any problem, whether it be personal or business, that 3way would help me in any way that they could. You are made to feel truly valued.

No one could foresee the events of 2020, we did not know the financial or the personal impact that this virus would create but each and every one of the 3way team pulled together to ensure that the business weathered the storm, working above and beyond any of our expectations. Team meetings were arranged daily to ensure that everyone’s mental health was ok and no work was discussed at this time, a welcome break from sitting staring at a computer screen worrying about the world outside.

Outside of work

I love any type of puzzle and reading I can often be found with my head in a good book while ignoring anything and anyone that surrounds me.
Before Covid took hold, I finally conquered my fear of flying after a trip with 3way to the USA, I am hoping to put it to the test again in 2022 and start to travel properly and visit parts of the world that you are unable to visit by coach.