Area Manager

Key Responsibilities

My key responsibilities are to not only the smooth running of business operations, but also align them with the broader objectives of the company.

The role requires a unique combination of leadership skills, business acumen, and interpersonal skills to manage teams , I continue to manage Everyone Active Gym sites around Essex area and to make sure that cleaning on sites are kept at high company standards.

How long have you worked for 3 Way

I have worked for 3Way since July 2018 as a  cleaner in the warehouse, finding a great and performing team who gives me exactly what someone needs when is on the first way to his journey and from then I still enjoy this big family.

Outside of work

During my spare time I enjoy staying with my little nephew . In the week I like to stay local but during the weekend I usually complete a more scenic and challenging route like run away in different small villages with my family it’s a great way to visit , meet people and socialise.

You can change and change what you don’t think will be okay, don’t worry.