Accounts Assistant

Key Responsibilities

My main role at 3Way is invoicing of contract, stores and any additional works carried out. I keep on top of the invoicing ensuring our customers have all the information required to pay invoices in a timely manner.

How long have you worked for 3 Way

Almost a year, everyone is so encouraging and friendly. Being a busy mum, the flexibility really helps with day-to-day life. When under pressure at the end of the month I have a great team around me to help if I have any questions.

Outside of work

Mostly you will find me running around after my children. There isn’t an evening where I’m not sitting in a sports hall or driving to a club but I love it and it keeps them busy and entertained.

When I first joined 3Way I was encouraged to enter a 10k run for charity and now my little Jack Russell, Dottie, and I love a long walk or a run to clear my head to escape from the madness of life.