Customer Service

Key Responsibilities

My role as head of Customer Service is to work closely with 3Way management and operations to provide an exceptional Customer Service experience and to maintain best practices for efficient communication. We want our clients to stay with us, and many of them do, and customer service is so important to ensuring that.

My job is to listen and fulfil customers’ needs. I can quickly identify the individual need for each customer and aim to deliver the correct allocation of resources to make this a reality.

I am proud of the relationship that I have built up with many over the years and I am passionate about delivering the best support that I can and aim to address issues quickly and with minimum fuss.

How Long have you worked for 3 Way

So the question is “What do I like about working for 3Way?” the answer is simple they are part of my family. I started working for them nearly 20 years ago as a cleaner to raise some extra income and little did I know that they would become such an important part of my life. This is so much more than just a job. I have always felt that you can achieve anything within 3Way. You can reach as high as you want to go or happily stay at the pace that you are comfortable with. The support that you are given not only on a professional level but also a personal level is support that you would only normally expect from family. We all have days where we think “I don’t want to go to work today” especially in the tough times that 2020 has given us but I actually wouldn’t want to or ever imagine myself working anywhere else.

Outside of work

I would say that I am in the perfect job as I love to talk and tell funny stories to which I have many from over the years.

I love DIY, it is my passion. Taking on a project when it is looking at its worst, having a vison of what it could become and then turning that vision into a reality is so rewarding. I think this is the same when you are cleaning as you get an end result, you reach your goal or your target and feel proud of what you have achieved.

I hope that I am a compassionate person and this helps in my role as Customer Service Manager. It helps me build a relationship with the client and a trust that they feel that when they talk I listen and act upon their requests.