UK Payroll

Key Responsibilities

I am responsible for over seeing all processes relating to our monthly payroll from inputting timesheets, processing overtime, fuel payments to completing the final checks and processing payments and dealing with HMRC. We have a great payroll system in place which has developed and improved so much over the past 12 months.

How long have you worked for 3 Way

I have worked for 3Way for 11 months now, and the time has gone so quick. I have a great work / life balance which allows me to get the best from my work and from my home life. I came into 3Way and have never felt like I was the new person, it is great to be part of a team which will always help when needed, especially with payroll deadlines and the pressures that that brings. There is always someone to talk to whether on a professional or personal level.

Outside of work

Outside of work for me is busier than being at work. I have three children who I spend my life taking to clubs, sports etc but I would not change that for the world. I do like to find time to keep fit myself, I think it is so important to have that time to switch off and I know I always feel better after a run or a workout no matter how busy the day has been.