Contract Manager & Pest Control Manager

Key Responsibilities

My main responsibilities within 3Way are to effectively and efficiently lead my teams to achieve our common goals to provide outstanding service to our customer’s whilst proactively developing employee’s within the business.

I work closely with all departments to ensure the smooth running of operations are met, to stay compliant with current regulations and procedures, cascade any business updates and engage with my team to ensure moral is at its highest.

I am passionate about developing people, there is a fine line between leadership and management, people and process’s and I feel very proud seeing our team rise to the occasions and succeed.

How long have you worked for 3 Way

I have worked for 3Way since April 2013, I started as a part time office cleaner.

At the time I didn’t think about progressing with 3Way my main goal was to achieve full time work, after being offered cover roles and meeting other colleagues, managers and directors it quickly became apparent I enjoyed who I worked for and the work I was doing.

My development started from there and is still ongoing.

Outside of work

This is always a tricky question as my interests change so much, I am an avid fitness enthusiast.

My fiancée and I bought our first house last year and it had to completely renovated to become a home. This was challenging and stressful but we accomplished the task. I am very much an amateur at DIY but I thoroughly enjoy researching and learning new things. My mind set is “what’s the worst that can happen” (generally this is followed by a phone call to Barry our resident master of all trades)

My fiancée and I are due to be married in September this year which is an exciting time for us, we both are very inpatient and can’t wait for the day.

We have a new addition to our family, our puppy Louie, finishing work and coming home to him being so excited to see us really brightens our day, we love taking him for walks and to run around in the park with other dogs.